Mechanical Gear Series

This series can be actually used after assembly. These products are rather useful or playable, and mostly driven by gear transmission.

Curious Discovery Series

We offer several fantastic 3D wooden puzzle and wooden models in this collection – whether you are interested in Wooden Globe, Monocular Telescope or Mechanical Orrery, there will be one that you’ll like.

Justice Guard Series

Stylish gun model you can assemble and fire. Safer bullets ensure you minimal risk and multiple fun out of the shooting game! A perfect gift for family and friends.


Magic Amusement Park Series

Robotime Music Box is an adorable 3D wooden puzzle collection to fulfill your fantasy. Build the artistic craft with your hand and listen to the beautiful melody with our music box series!

Marble Run Series

In this collection, we offer several wooden marble run models and kits for you to choose. Enjoy your self-assembling process and hope it could give you inspiration while the ball rolling!

Mechanical Music Series

In this series, we offer you a variety of musical instrument 3D puzzles such as piano, cello, drum, etc. and different styles classic vintage gramophones for you to choose. Have fun building your own musical instument!

Time Art Series

Tick Tock, DIY your own clock. If you are a fan of vintage mechanical clocks or 3D puzzles and want to build one yourself, then here’s your big chance!

Scale Model Vehicle Series

Our mini scale vehicle models are refined based on the original vehicles by replicating the complex structure of all key parts of them. Perfect wooden 3D puzzles toy as gifts or home decor.

ROKR is a sub-brand under Robotime.

We focused on designing producing and selling cool mechanical drive 3D wooden models and puzzles. We are committed to creating it with mechanical sense and industrial style. Our mission is to explore the power and beauty of machinery with DIY lovers worldwide.

Our 3D puzzles will be great projects to develop your hands-on ability.

Here, we offer various kinds of exquisite 3D wooden puzzles, which are from easy to difficult and suitable for all ages. You could choose to DIY a music box, build a scale vehicle, or assemble your own clock! 

Our 3D puzzles will be great projects to develop your hands-on ability.
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