ROKR 3D Pinball Machine 3D Wooden Puzzle EG01

ROKR 3D Pinball Machine 3D Wooden Puzzle Classic Model Toys

Build your own 3D Pinball machine wooden puzzle kit and awaken the collision of retro pinballs.

If you love classic pinball games, then get ready for the Robotime-ROKR 3D Pinball Machine 3D wooden puzzle kit EG01! This is a vintage-style pinball game machine that will take you back to the good old days of the ’90s. Challenge yourself by assembling all the pieces together and building your own pinball machine. With all the transmission model, live sound & light effects, electronic scoring, and other exquisite detail design, this ROKR 3D pinball puzzle will bring you so much fun playing on your own or interacting with family and friends. Try to survive as long as you can and score as many as possible!

Construct Your 3D Puzzle

3d puzzle eg01 (1)

Step 1

Unpack the box and sequentially remove the wooden components instructions, and accompanying accessories.

3d puzzle eg01 (2)

Step 2

Follow the guidance in the manual and assemble it step by step.

3d puzzle eg01 (3)

Step 3

In the end, you’ll have a cool 3D pinball table to enjoy with your friends.

Scoring Positions & Rules

Product Details

Triangle rebound

Complicated tracks

Pull the plunger to discover more possibilities of the rolling ball.

Star score display

Star score display

Flash to show your earned scores.

Ceremonial elephant

Ceremonial elephant

Contribute to the retro circus themed model.

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