3D Wooden Flower Puzzle Series

Wooden Bloom Craft

The wooden flower series is designed based on real flowers in nature, including sunflowers, roses, carnations and other types. Among them, roses come in two colors: red and pink;

Wooden Flower Puzzle TW042 (8)
战兽部落  战马  战象  详情页  无字主图

The height of the flower stems of the product is adjustable, which can meet different flower arrangement needs and adapt to different vases; the flowers and leaves are compact and not easy to fall off, and at the same time, their shapes can be changed to a certain extent, allowing you to design your own bouquets.

It also comes with a cute insect greeting card, with a message written on the back and colorable on the front.

The product is easy to assemble and operate, and is suitable for parent-child activities to enjoy quiet and cozy time. It can be given as a gift individually or in a bouquet, and can also be used for home decoration to add a touch of bright color to the room.

Giving flowers is a way for people to express their love and best wishes. Different flowers are also endowed with unique beautiful meanings. Feel life and retain the beauty in the process of hands-on assembly.

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